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Being the most experienced family law attorney at Keystone comes with (sadly) only one perk: the right to claim that title!  But no amount of experience as a lawyer could have prepared me for my own divorce case after 17 years of marriage. After 17 years, I was facing the prospect of divorce and facing the very scary prospect of being single again. Even though I knew all of the legal answers of “how divorce works” and “how property would get divided,” heck – I TAUGHT those courses to other attorneys, I was filled with fear about my future.

I remember these feelings even to this day, years later.  You need a a compassionate and patient advisor to guide you through these tough things that you never planned for. I am ready to be that person.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, I moved to the Valley while still in high school. I have developed an excellent reputation and am highly respected throughout the court system and legal community. I’ve spoken at various Maricopa County Bar and State Bar Seminars on a variety of subjects including the Hague Convention involving enforcing International Custody Rights. Combined with my years on the Bench as a Superior Court Family Law Commissioner, excellent legal knowledge and courtroom skills, I am glad to be a family law attorney at Keystone. I will offer all of our clients a staunch commitment to professionalism, together with compassion and understanding of the complex issues involved in dissolution and custody cases.