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John T. Hagensen

Founder & Managing Director

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When it comes to being a pilot, ensuring a safe flight requires the unique ability to decisively adapt as conditions emerge. It is this kind of precision and attention to detail that make John Hagensen not only an exceptional pilot, but have also led him to build one of the state’s most respected financial planning firms.

John Hagensen is the Founder and Managing Director of Keystone Wealth Partners. His vision for starting KWP was to deliver financial planning strategies free from Wall Street’s embedded conflicts of interest. Today, clients benefit from these strategies targeted to meet their unique needs.

His thought-leadership is driven by his desire to find new and interesting ways to educate investors. Having the heart of a teacher, his approach is educational and consultative. He is passionate about coaching his clients to remain disciplined to a long-term, academically sound strategy and executes this through monthly group coaching sessions. His intention to inform Main Street investors is also demonstrated through his weekly radio show, “Myth Busting with Keystone Wealth Partners,” as well as his weekly podcast. John is a sought-after public speaker and has educated thousands nearing retirement across the valley. In addition, John is a published author. His book, “Unleash Your Investments,” hit shelves in the summer of 2017.

John has a Master of Science in financial services from the Institute of Business & Finance, a Strategic Decision and Risk Management Professional Certification from Stanford University and a Behavioral Finance Professional Certificate from Duke University. John holds the credentials of Certified Funds Specialist (CFS), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Estate & Trust Specialist (CES), Certified Tax Specialist (CTS) and Certified Income Specialist (CIS). John holds a designation from the National Social Security Association (NSSA) as well. He completed his Bachelor of Science at Corban University.

John is a native of Washington state and currently resides in Gilbert with his wife, Brittany, and their five children. He has many passions, but none more than adoption and social justice. After four trips to Ethiopia while adopting two of their children, sustainable, clean-water projects in Africa became a primary focus for John and his wife. John leads a community Bible study and believes his faith is the central anchor to every component of his life and business.

He also loves all-things sports and as a child had every NBA player’s number and college attended memorized. After attending a match while in Spain, he was hooked and is a devoted Barcelona FC soccer fan. More than sports or business, though, his greatest joy lies in his family. His left shoulder is sore most days from throwing countless pass routes with his two football-obsessed teenagers, and he can recite every page of “Go-Dogs-Go.” He is an avid reader and will knock out 50 nonfiction books in a typical year. As a Seattle native, he drinks more coffee than virtually anyone on Earth, and his future goals include learning to speak Spanish fluently, becoming a capable pianist and continuing to run at least one marathon per year.

*Ranking Arizona ranked Keystone Wealth Partners one of the Top 10 Independent Financial Planning Firms in the state of Arizona in 2016.