Office Manager

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By Phone: (480) 418-8448

As our Office Manager, Shiloh loves to keep the office humming right along with as little interruption as possible.  But when problems arise, as they always do, she is our go-to office Superwoman.

Shiloh is formally trained as a linguist and web developer, two critically demanding disciplines that helped hone skills in building office systems and finding answers to complex questions.

She is responsible for the firm’s human & technology resources, bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, and helping to optimize our teams’ and our clients’ experience with the firm.

She also knows firsthand the struggles faced by many of our clients who are acting as caregivers for family members, as she acts as one of her parent’s caregivers.  She and her siblings were not prepared for the sudden decline of the person who raised them.  At the same time that they were trying to figure out what was happening medically, they had to figure out what to do financially and even just how to provide the essentials.  “We felt uneducated and under water, but I happen to work for a company whose enormous empathy is just what my family ordered.  They are like the doctors and nurses of the legal world.”