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Family Attorney

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I have practiced solely family law  since 2009 helping clients resolve different issues involving divorce, establishing paternity, child custody and child support, modification of parenting time, spousal maintenance and enforcement of orders or agreements related to any of these issues when the other party isn’t doing what they agreed or were ordered to do.

 If you’re going through a divorce or custody battle, it’s not just emotional; it can be mentally destructive. I grew up with a very close group of friends as a teenager.

All of us noticed that one of them started to act strange and then got more and more strange as the months passed.  Many of my friends wrote him off and essentially unfriended him (in the “real” way before Facebook existed).  I stuck by him because I knew he needed a friend.  It later came out that his parents were splitting up and getting a divorce.  He was a wreck.  He eventually got through it and I’d like to think it helped him just a bit that I stuck by his side.  I remember his face, his pain, his confusion, every time a client is struggling through their own battles.  I commit to giving you the same patience and understanding that my friend needed.

I consult with each client to find out what their immediate goals are and to make sure you understand your options.  I want to make sure that your goals are met in an efficient and personal manner.