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As the owner of a growing business, your business and legal needs are dynamic. Your business attorney should be familiar with your business your aims and goals and should be an integral part of company management to get out ahead of potential issues before they become big legal problems.

Legal Business Counsel In Arizona

Your General Counsel attorney should be working with you to help your company get to the next level. Do you wait to call your attorney with questions because you know it will cost you? Is your business counsel a deal enabler, or deal mitigator? Do you have someone looking forward with you to anticipate your legal needs? Do you have a resource or an extra set of eyes for compliance issues within your company?

Your Business, Your Way:

Fractional General Counsel allows you to sustainably grow your business without having to worry about excessive bill by the hour (or minute) legal fees. Once a business grows to a certain point it needs more consistent legal advice and assistance, but hiring full time in house counsel with the high pay and benefits that come with it is likely not feasible or necessary with budgetary concerns. Fractional General Counsel allows you to run your business your way with the expert help that you need at a smaller scale than a full time attorney.

What Is Fractional General Counsel?

As your business grows it becomes increasingly important to have an attorney working with you. Not only to protect your business, but also to help when you come up with new ideas, find new clients, and hire new employees. Fractional General Counsel allows you to focus on growing your business and have an expert attorney manage all this and more for you.

Depending on where you do business, rules and regulations as well as legal loose ends may keep you up at night. With Fractional General Counsel you get your very own attorney who knows your business, allowing you to focus on growing your business and giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Your General Counsel works with a small number of clients such as your business, and spends time daily or weekly learning about your business and team. Knowing your business, your strategy and the entire situation will allow your attorney to streamline and assist in closing agreements with you as well as look at matters as they happen. Your fractional general counsel will be looking ahead with you to avoid legal problems during your growth, as well as plan ahead and manage larger legal needs.

The Keystone Advantage:

Normally this kind of service can cost thousands of dollars with attorneys billing you for even a few minutes of their time. Here at Keystone we do things differently. For one predictable monthly fee, your dedicated attorney will work with you and your business, providing guidance and advice when you need it. Come meet the team. Located in Chandler, Arizona, we handle probate matters across the state including Gilbert, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Apache Junction.

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