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For families who are being touched by divorce, the legal process can be especially difficult. Just figuring out the logistics of custody can be difficult, to say nothing of the emotional toll parents and children have to struggle with. I owe my perspective on this to my wife, Nicole, whose parents divorced when she was quite young. For years now, Nicole has campaigned for Keystone Law to add a family law division. We’ve all seen just how much damage crooked lawyers can do in this field, so she wants to see us make a difference for families who are struggling through one of the toughest times in their lives. Well, her wish is now true.

Keystone Law Firm is now accepting a limited number of family law clients. Our firm has welcomed outstanding family law professionals to the Keystone team, professionals who understand that our family law division will not operate like a typical divorce firm that churns the clock and drags out the process. Just as we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics when it comes to estate planning, we are challenging ourselves to take the high road when it comes to divorce. This is about more than keeping a promise to my wife, which is surely important to me.

Keystone Law Firm’s Family Law Division will help us serve you and your families better than ever before. Family and estate law are deeply intertwined; at the end of the day, they both boil down to the most important relationships in your life. Now more than ever before, we are able to stand with you as you allocate your resources and plan your legacy. In practice, this means that we won’t take cases where parents want to use a child as a pawn or where one spouse wants to use the legal system to exact their revenge. All of our legal strategies will be based on the interests of the children’s well-being and emotional needs, and helping clients move on to their “New Beginnings.”

We know divorce is profoundly painful and deeply personal, but we also believe that in the majority of cases, amicable partings are possible. Crucially, we will have resources available to help our clients and their former spouses plan and maintain effective co-parenting strategies. When properly executed, these can make life easier on your children and the legal proceedings less traumatic for everyone. Remember that how you treat your kids should never be about your spouse; it should always be about the kids.

Divorce is hard enough on kids as it is. No one needs to be put through the emotional gauntlet that some kids are forced to endure. No family is perfect, and separating is sometimes the best option for everyone involved. While this will never be easy on children, there are steps lawyers and parents can take to respect their child’s agency and emotional needs.

Thanks to my wife, Nicole, we at Keystone do our part to implement these changes. And thanks to her, I not only understand the important role lawyers have to play in this process, but I’ve also gotten a chance to see how we can make a difference for these families.

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