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Estate Planning Self-Checkup

Review your estate planning with our 17 point checklist. Download here »

Pack Your Parachute: Avoid the Perils of Estate Planning

Read about the 12 mistakes that can derail your estate planning. Get the book »

How to Fund Your Trust

If you have a trust, it must be funded to avoid probate. Download a trust funding checklist to help you get the job done.Download checklist here »

Business Owner’s Retirement Plan

Business owners have no time to “plan ahead”. Take a shortcut to create your plan with this download.Coming Soon »

Successor Trustee Manual

Acting as trustee for someone else puts the liability on you, the trustee, for doing the job right. This Manual will guide you through the job.Download this manual here »

Widow’s Guide to Protecting Your Family

Life is different as a widow (or widower). We help many surviving spouses figure out their new normal, update their documents, and make sure they don’t become a burden to their children.Dowload guide here »

Don’t Go Broke from Nursing Home Costs

$7,000 per month is rough. Learn how to provide yourself with the best care without going broke or having to move in with your kids.Coming Soon »

Navigating Arizona’s Probate

Learn important details about how probate works in Arizona. Get the book »

“Trust Matters” - Monthly Publication

How did Francisco’s wife help shape his law firm? Who is Tinsel the cat? What is the latest tax strategy? This is your way to easily keep connected with Keystone Law Firm.Read More »

Full Seminar Recordings

What does a Trustee Do?  Who needs a Living Trust?  Fund Your Own Trust.

Download recordings here »


Live Presentations

Francisco Sirvent teaches classes on topics related to his field of practice. Classes are usually free of charge. If you’d like Francisco to speak to your group, please give us a call at (480) 418-8448 or…

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