Keystone Attorney CLE Programs

Sorry to say it but most CLEs are pretty worthless when it comes to actually helping me create a better life for my wife and kids. I’m not sure how many traditional CLEs it took for me to learn that, but if you feel the same way, this will probably come as welcome relief.

A New Type Of CLE Program…

I just got fed up with going to a hotel conference room, where the talking heads – “a panel of experts” – would pontificate from the stage how we should run our practices. Now, don’t get me wrong. I probably did get a nugget or two from these over-priced CLE hours. But I can definitively say that what I paid for these hours in actual PAYMENTS plus what I gave up in terms of OPPORTUNITY COST of not being in the office, was NEVER made up for by improvement in actual productivity by the sad, singular nugget I’d take home.

The ROI wasn’t there; sadly, it wasn’t ever really EXPECTED to be there, was it?

So, there I was in 2016 getting ready to file my annual CLE Affidavit with the State Bar of Arizona, pissed off, honestly, that once again, I was accounting for the countless dollars and countless hours I had spent the prior CLE-year without any ROI. I couldn’t tell my wife or my kids that that time and money that was GONE was “worth it” – it wasn’t going to help me make our lives better. It was just a report of another box-to-check that I was in compliance. It was time away from them.

That’s when I said eff-it. I’ve taught CLEs before.

I do lots of public speaking. Heck, I’ve even spent tens of thousands of dollars on learning how to speak in public; why not create my own CLEs and get credit for topics that are interesting and actually HELP. So, my first CLE was organized, promoted, and delivered. And now I can’t go back to “regular” CLE events.

Now, it’s part of who we are at Keystone Law Firm. This page is dedicated to all of you attorneys who need Arizona CLE credit (*see annoying disclaimer below) but can’t stand how boring most of them are, you don’t find that you receive a multiple ROI of your time spend on CLE programs, and you want to find a better way to give the Bar 15 hours per year of your life.

We are now offering regular CLE courses (sometimes FOR FREE) to our attorney network of friends! I could justifiably charge for all of the CLEs we will offer. But I’d rather make sure we all get our minimum hours in per year and get to spend this time together with other great attorneys who are really interested in making their lives better.

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