Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much! I will always be grateful to you, Francisco ~ as well as grateful for you. You entered my life at a difficult stage, and saw me through the rough times with honesty, forthrightness, and empathy. Your presence in my life was, and remains, a gift and a blessing.

Keystone Law Firm Kudos
John Null of Senior Advisors of the East Valley

John Null helps many Arizonans navigate Medicare. A friend to Keystone Law Firm, John recounts his experience in working with Keystone Law Firm to have his own estate plan prepared.

Establishing a Family Trust
Ron and Char

For years my wife and I have been thinking about establishing a Family Trust. Our busy life style and other duties always seemed to take precedence. Finally I took the time to attend one of Keystones’ free seminars. I had the opportunity to meet personally with Francisco and Chad during the presentation. The free reading…

Francisco Sirvent Is Sensitive
Linda Gross

Francisco Sirvent is sensitive to the people he serves, to their needs and concerns. He maps out estate planning for each individual respectively. He fine tunes the plan to great depth and detail. No stone is unturned to be sure all the needs of the client are met in their estate plan.Now financial planning is…

Feeling Confident

Feeling confident that you had the knowledge that we do not (and could not) have without your education and experience in the field of Estate Planning.

Well Done and Thank You

“You’ve heard the saying “Now YOU have a friend in the diamond business” . . . well now I have a advocate, advisor, and friend that has helped me provide for my family in the maze of the legal system. Well done and thank you Francisco.

Estate Planning
Posted by Terry

Francisco and Amelia have been great in helping us transition our estate and future needs from Colorado to Arizona. We were looking for someone and they have provided us with excellent service and response to our needs.

He Was a Blessing to My Family!
Posted by Kenneth

Francisco poured himself into mine and my children's life during a terrible divorce I was going through. His heart for doing the right thing and helping others is what makes him an amazing attorney! His devotion to my case literally changed my children's and my life. Francisco is not just a lawyer to me, I consider him a friend!

Peace of Mind
Posted by Tom

Francisco and his team made the process of getting our affairs in order easy and actually fun. The process they use takes into account the needed information, but they go further and help us consider the emotional part of leaving a legacy. Extremely gut wrenching at times, but so worth it! We feel blessed that we found Francisco and that our affairs are in order.

Francisco and His Staff Are Amazing!
Posted by Stacy

I first met with Francisco for my own planning and felt that my elderly parents would be comfortable working with him and his staff so now we all are prepared!
Francisco and his staff are very knowledgeable, extremely well-organized, and always polite!

He’s the Best
Posted by Marcia

Francisco is always willing to answer any question i might have about aspects of our trust and other documents. We made a change last year regarding our health care documents and it was very easy to do. Francisco has also promised to make any changes required by state or federal law and that is very comforting.

How Can It Be Any Better
Posted by Marcia

Every single item in our Estate Plan is easily understood.
It contains ALL the verbiage necessary to eliminate any challenges or questions that could come up.

It is updated EVERY TIME there is a change in Government policy. He provides a total package from start to finish (obviously I am not FINISHED...

Great Lawyers
Daniel Riggs

I contacted Keystone Law to prepare legal papers for my father (a trust, power of attorney etc.). My elderly father (90) was very comfortable with Francisco. Francisco was very respectful, but also he made it clear that my father had to make some very important decisions about the trust 's beneficiaries. Francisco walked him through the decision process and most importantly he made it clear that he worked for my father and made sure that the trust met my father's wishes. The package Francisco offered was very reasonably priced and also quite complete. So I was impressed. But it was Francisco's office ability to deal with the unexpected that really impressed me. We found it necessary to expedite the process due to my father's illness. They quickly responded and made everything happen with very short notice; something other law firms aren't very good at doing. Because of them, everything was completed in time and we are extremely satisfied. But the story continues. Now that I'm the trustee, I count on their continued support to meet my responsibilities. Michelle, an associate attorney, has been there to help me with every detail. My out-of-state investment advisor needed some documents and I gave him Michelle's contact information. Once I confirmed that she could release documents to him, she did it immediately. My investment advisor told me that Michelle was one of the best trust lawyers he's dealt with in terms of providing documents and answering questions in a very timely manner; once again not very common with other law firms. Overall, we all are extremely satisfied with the quality of their work, their ability to respond to problems rapidly, and their follow through. Great lawyers like those at Keystone are a bargain in the long run!

I Would Highly Recommend Keystone Law Firm
Cindy Burns

I would highly recommend Keystone Law Firm to anyone looking for help with anything probate related. Francisco and his entire team were able to handle a difficult situation which allowed me to move forward after the loss of a loved one. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and understood the urgency of the situation. They were very kind and compassionate during our interactions. It's already such a heartbreaking event to lose someone you love, and I felt cared for and knew they were doing everything possible to help us through the probate process. Thank you so much Francisco and team.

Highly Recommend Keystone Law Firm.
Lena Craft

Highly recommend Keystone Law Firm. An extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff guide you through every phase of your estate planning process.

So Thankful to Have Found Keystone.
Debra Lee

So thankful to have found Keystone. My husband and I created our first Trust almost ten years ago. Little did we know what the difference between a firm that does the minimum and a firm that goes the extra mile would be. We came to Keystone on the recommendation of a friend and could not be happier. Their process from beginning to end of educating you as a client and tailoring their services to your needs is impeccable. Even when there was an emotional moment where we had to pause the process, they were patient and understanding. I feel safe knowing that in the event that our successor trustee would have to take over, he would be in great hands.

Francisco and Team Are Highly Dedicated
Ryan H

Francisco and team are highly dedicated to helping their clients. I would refer to him without hesitation.

We Are So Glad We Have Completed This Process
Lisa Paulson

We are so glad we have completed this process. Now our kids will not have to worry about going into probate. No headaches for them. We love Francisco's youthful energy and newer ideas for getting this done.

Francisco and His Team Are Very Professional
Monte Yocum

Francisco and his team are very professional making it an extremely easy experience completing our Estate planning. I highly recommend them to anyone requiring their services.

All Individuals From Receptionists…
Danny Engel

All individuals from receptionists to legal personnel were anxious to help, to answer any and all questions, provide refreshment, etc!

Francisco Is a Fantastic Lawyer and Person
Ken Bruun

Francisco is a fantastic lawyer and person. When you work with him, you will soon find out, that he is there to do more than just his job, he is there to serve you! He genuinely cares about you and it shows in everything he does. I would hands down recommend him every time!

The Keystone Law Firm Is Professional
Marcia Snow

The Keystone Law Firm is professional, always helpful to answer any questions I might have and quick to handle the issues that arise as I get older. Their commitment to review my trust for any changes that need to be made to ensure the safe and most profitable exchange of assets is most reassuring. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a new estate plan or just a review of their current plan.

Great Experience.
Jennie Maze

Great experience. Coming from Colorado, needed all new documents and estate setup Francisco and Amelia are able to answer all our questions and manage the ins and outs of AZ laws. Best legal experience ever.

Attended Funding Your Trust With Francisco
Joan Frank

Attended Funding your Trust with Francisco, and gathered so much more in-depth and detailed information in order to succeed at attaining this process which can be overwhelming. Feel comfortable in asking questions with straight-forward answers. Thank you.

Francisco Sirvent Is Sensitive to the People He Serves
Linda Gross

Francisco Sirvent is sensitive to the people he serves, to their needs and concerns. He maps out estate planning for each individual respectively. He fine tunes the plan to great depth and detail. No stone is unturned to be sure all the needs of the client are met in their estate plan.

Now financial planning is being added to make a complete package. This will strengthen the estate plan.

I recommend Francisco Sirvent, without hesitation, for any of your estate planning needs.

Keystone Law Firm Goes Beyond Great Service
Tom Blickenstaff

Keystone Law Firm goes beyond great service; not only did we get our Estate in order, we also made new friends with the entire staff! They all take an interest in our well being, both professionally and personally. We look forward to our update and review meetings.