I Wholeheartedly Endorse Francisco!

Avvo - David Feakes

I know Francisco to be a smart, thorough, and conscientious professional. I wholeheartedly endorse Francisco!

I Endorse This Attorney Without Reservation

Avvo - Marcus Seiter

I endorse this attorney without reservation. I’ve enjoyed my association with Francisco and can see how clients appreciate his good sense and comfortable demeanor.

Francisco is an Exceptionally Bright!

Avvo - Matthew Davis

Francisco is an exceptionally bright and insightful lawyer. His dedication to his clients is unmatched and his work ethic is solid as a rock. He has also built a great team around him to ensure his clients get the very best advice and service.  

Keystone Law Firm Kudos

Google - John Null

John Null helps many Arizonans navigate Medicare. A friend to Keystone Law Firm, John recounts his experience in working with Keystone Law Firm to have his own estate plan prepared.

Establishing a Family Trust

Google - Ron and Char

For years my wife and I have been thinking about establishing a Family Trust. Our busy life style and other duties always seemed to take precedence. Finally I took the time to attend one of Keystones’ free seminars. I had the opportunity to meet personally with Francisco and Chad during the presentation. The free reading…

Peace of Mind

Google - Tom

Francisco and his team made the process of getting our affairs in order easy and actually fun. The process they use takes into account the needed information, but they go further and help us consider the emotional part of leaving a legacy. Extremely gut wrenching at times, but so worth it! We feel blessed that…

Francisco and His Staff Are Amazing!

Google - Stacy

I first met with Francisco for my own planning and felt that my elderly parents would be comfortable working with him and his staff so now we all are prepared! Francisco and his staff are very knowledgeable, extremely well-organized, and always polite!

He’s the Best

Google - Marcia

Francisco is always willing to answer any question i might have about aspects of our trust and other documents. We made a change last year regarding our health care documents and it was very easy to do. Francisco has also promised to make any changes required by state or federal law and that is very…

How Can It Be Any Better

Google - Marcia

Every single item in our Estate Plan is easily understood. It contains ALL the verbiage necessary to eliminate any challenges or questions that could come up. It is updated EVERY TIME there is a change in Government policy. He provides a total package from start to finish (obviously I am not FINISHED…

Great Lawyers

Google - Daniel Riggs

I contacted Keystone Law to prepare legal papers for my father (a trust, power of attorney etc.). My elderly father (90) was very comfortable with Francisco. Francisco was very respectful, but also he made it clear that my father had to make some very important decisions about the trust ‘s beneficiaries. Francisco walked him through…