At the Keystone Law Firm, we help our clients answer one of the most important questions they’ll ever face:

What If You Didn’t Make It Home Today?

At The Keystone Law Firm, We Have Found That Our Lives Can Be  Separated In 5 Distinct Stages:

Each phase of life has its own rewards and challenges. Whatever legal protection you are learning more about, starts with your Stage of Life. Young Adults are worried about going to college, graduating and getting their first job, and finding a career that fits their passion. Most Retirees haven’t thought about that since, well, when they paid for the Young Adult’s college tuition bill! Retirees are usually wondering how much in taxes will the IRS take from their retirement, will they outlive their money, and how much help will their own parents need as those parents enter the Legacy & Care phase of life.

For Example, Your Life Currently May Be Focused On:

5 Stages Of Life
  • providing for your children or grandchildren;
  • addressing the needs of your college-aged and adult children;
  • protecting your hard-earned assets from creditors and predators;
  • funding an active, fun retirement where you can travel to dream destinations;
  • taking care of your own care needs (without going broke), or
  • passing on a legacy to your loved ones.

Right now, you may need to name a guardian for your minor children. We can help with that. As the years go by, you’ll have other legal needs or simple questions as you or a loved one transitions from one Stage of Life to the next. Years from now, you may be more concerned about making sure one spouse doesn’t leave the other one with a nursing home bankruptcy. We can help you never run out of money at that time, too. Whether you are 21 or 101, the attorneys and staff at the Keystone Law Firm stand ready to discuss your goals with you.

So…where are you in life?

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