Super Senior Citizens

If you’ve been retired for a while and are starting to see your grandchildren finish college or get married, you are probably beginning the next phase of life: you’re a Super Senior Citizen!

Remaining financially & personally independent, not burdening your children, staying engaged in the community, and passing along the hard-earned wisdom from a successful life…these things are on your mind. Healthcare, taxes, Social Security, Medicare, long term care, and maybe even retirement living, assisted living, or memory care homes are constantly in your thoughts.

We understand why you feel concern over these things – they are big problems for those who don’t prepare. We love our senior citizen clients who have felt the same things. Most seniors are hoping to have an active retirement, hoping to never need long term care, and want to leave a nice legacy for their loved ones. What our past clients have found, is that when they plan for the worst, however, they get to enjoy the present with much more peace of mind about the future.

We help our 75+ year old clients evaluate their options to keep control of their own lives, create instructions to maintain their own dignity, protect their assets in case of a long term care need, and pass along some wisdom to the next generation.

  • We’ll help you make sure your estate plan provides for you and your family. 
  • Call for a Free Case Evaluation of your circumstances. You’ll just answer a few questions with our Client Intake staff.
  • We charge flat fees for most things, so with us, you’ll get individual attention and an expert guide without any ugly surprise bills.

Good estate plans help you live a better quality life and leave your heirs with less burdens and more memories.

We’re here for you.

At Keystone Law Firm, your concerns become our concerns. We offer honest advice in a stress-free environment.

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