Lawyers Can Be Intimidating – NOT At Keystone Law Firm!

You’ve done your best to try and solve this problem on your own, but it’s still not quite resolved. Even with all the online resources available to you for free. Sometimes you can get the problem solved better or faster with the help of someone who’s been through it before.

That’s why we offer a Free Case Evaluation if you have a problem and need a safe, non-threatening environment to figure out your next step: a place to get answers to your questions, a place where your concerns will get personal attention.

That’s what we do for our clients. And it all starts with a Free Case Evaluation.

Here’s How It Works At Keystone Law Firm

First, you’ll speak with our Client Intake staff to figure out what the problem is and what you’d like to see as the solution. You will answer a few questions so we have enough information to submit a Free Case Evaluation to one of our attorneys.

Get Free Case Evaluation In Arizona With Keystone

You will schedule a follow-up call with us to review the results of your Free Case Evaluation. If there isn’t a life-threatening emergency, we will have that call with you within the next 24 hours. 

Then the Free Case Evaluation begins. One of our experienced attorneys will review your information and provide the feedback you desire. We will identify the options that are available for you to solve this problem. 

The next step will be explained during your return call with our Client Intake staff who will explain the results of the Free Case Evaluation and review each of your options to get to where you want to be.

No Surprise Fees!

We charge flat rates for most services. That means you get the attention you need at one reasonable fee which you know in advance.

If something else comes up that wasn’t included in the original fee, we will discuss how much additional work will cost before the work is done so you can decide.

What To Expect During Your Discovery Hour

For a transparent discussion about fees, contact our office for an appointment. We offer our services for clients throughout Arizona, including GilbertSun LakesMesaPhoenixScottsdale, Apache Junction and Tempe.

Waiting Can Make Things Worse

Give our team a call and schedule your Free Case Evaluation with us today!

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