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The last thing anyone wants to do is land in court because of dispute over an estate or a trust. Most of the people our lawyers help with estate or trust litigation have never been involved in a lawsuit before and feel confused about what their options are to right a wrong. 

We don’t believe that people should go around suing other people; it’s a last resort after all other efforts have failed to resolve the problem. 

Property Transfer With Trust & Estate Litigation

We will work hard to try to resolve things beforehand, and then we will help you figure out what options you have going forward. You’ll want to think about how litigation will affect your family relationships (if there are any to be preserved) compared to the rights you are trying to protect.

Sometimes it happens, though. It’s distressing when a family disagreement turns into a lawsuit.

Estate litigation typically involves disputes about inheritance and property transfers, but can also involve probate and the needs of an incapacitated family member. Occasionally, family members will disagree about how to interpret the terms of a Will. Questions about the competency of the testator, the person who signed the Will, also may lead to litigation.

When Someone Dies Without A Will, It’s More Likely That Disagreements Will Occur

Trusts are a popular estate planning tool and come in several forms. Trust litigation happens because beneficiaries interpret the terms of the trust differently or perhaps disagree with the type of trust chosen. Occasionally, as with Wills, someone will challenge the competency of the trust maker and allege that the trust is invalid. Litigation can be a long, drawn out, and messy affair. And though each case is uniquely different, a good litigation team will be able to show you the major steps or phases that are expected or possible. 

An EXPERIENCED LITIGATION ATTORNEY that has a process- and solution-mindset, should be able to break down and foresee the steps that each case will need.

That’s how we can create FLAT FEES for even the most complex litigation cases.

If you want to control your litigation budget, ask for a flat fee.

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